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Saller: 8678debbie
Start on: 2014/25/03 19:34:35
Finishes on: 2014/27/03 21:13:29
Location: Hillsboro, Missouri

Up for auction are  9 Bantam Cochin Frizzle hatching eggs. All Eggs will be fresh eggs when shipped. I have 3 seperate breeding pens. Pen 1 has a white frizzle bantam cochin roo and black frizzle bantam cochin roo over a silver laced bantam cochin hen, 2 black mottled bantam cochin hens, chocolate bantam cochin hen and 2 dun bantam cochin hens. Pen 2 has a tri-colored bantam cochin roo and a red bantam cochin roo over 4 blue bantam cochin hens, 3 white bantam cochin hens. Pen 3 has a Mille Fleur bantam cochin roo over 2 white frizzle bantam cochin hens, 2 black frizzle bantam cochin hens and a 2 red frizzle bantam cochin hen. I hatch eggs all the time to check fertility and it has been great here. I cannot guarantee hatching rate on shipped eggs due to handling during shipping and your incubation choice. I have included pictures of some of my flock I use in my breeding pens. I wrap every egg individually and ship USPS Priority with tracking.

 I have been getting a lot of unique colors.

You will hatch frizzle bantam cochins and smooth bantam cochins

It takes about a week to see which ones will frizzle

*Never breed 2 frizzle birds together*

Shipping to lower 48 states only in United States


Paypal Only



USPS Priority Tracking Included

Shipping only within US

No shipping to Hawaii  Alaska Puerto Rico

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